Get Verified, Pay With a Credit Card

We are providing new Shy Molecule members the opportunity to complete their purchases via credit card. In order to maintain the integrity of our credit card processorand ensure it is always available for our veteran/trusted members, we need to verify some additional information.


You do NOT need to complete this verification process if you have previously ordered from us via credit card.




1. A picture of your driver’s license, next to the credit card you will use to complete your purchase.


 You may blackout the first 12 numbers and expiration date, but the last 4 numbers must be visible.


2. Also included in the picture should be a hand-written note stating, "I ordered from ShyMolecule."


3. Please ensure your picture is clear.

1 - Select the file you are going to upload.


Click the browse button to find the file you're going to upload. Once you've selected the file,click the upload file button.




We can only accept credit card payments if the following criteria are met:


1. The credit card must be in YOUR name.


2. We will only ship to the verified billing address associated with the credit card. We cannot ship to alternate shipping addresses.