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If you have been a ShyMolecule member for at least 90 days, please see below for your credit card payment instructions.

We are currently unable to accept credit card orders from customers who have been with us less than 90 days, but you are still able to mail in your payment and receive a 15% discount! This discount is available to all members, but is only available on orders mailed in to our PO box.

We are fully stocked and shipping orders on a daily basis. We are offering a generous 15% discount on all orders paid via money order or cash. Please visit the following link for instructions:


If you are a ShyMolecule member with at least 90 days of order history and would like to pay via credit card, please email sales@shymolecule.com the following information:

  • Your Full Name (the credit card must be in YOUR name)
  • Your Address (the shipping and billing address MUST match)
  • Your Order Request

Tuesday 16th August 08:38 PM